Colorado is a GOOD way. From ghost towns, haunted hotels, haunted roads, hiking trails, and more, chances are if there's a haunted thing or place, you'll be able to find it here in Colorado.

Even if you're not from Colorado, you are likely well aware of the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. I mean I LOVE "The Shining". It's not just one of my favorite horror movies of all time, but it's simply one of my favorite overall movies ever, so I was well aware of that haunted place. We love "The Stanley", but there are some other creepy and haunted spots sure to make your skin crawl and send shivers up your spine.

Between me and my wife, who is an avid true crime fanatic and an overall lover of all things creepy, we were pleasantly surprised to find just how many haunted and spooky spots there actually are here in the great state of Colorado.

Thanks to the Google machine and YouTube, I now have a pretty long list of spooky spots I want to hit. From houses and hotels to trails,  prisons, and ghost towns,  Colorado is sure to please any and all adventure seekers looking for a good scare, especially this time of year.

Come along with me on a little virtual tour of some of these places...if you dare! (Insert creepy laugh here)

1. The Third Bridge:

This place has a pretty crazy history from the 1800s to the present. You'll find it near the small Eastern Plains town of Bennett. Third Bridge is a small overpass that runs over the dried-up Kiowa Creek and can be found along rural County Line Road.

According to locals, the Third Bridge, also referred to as the "Ghost Bridge" is haunted by the spirits of Native Americans who lost their lives during a massacre that occurred in the 1800s.

The Third Bridge is also said to be plagued by the ghosts of another tragedy when two teenagers lost their lives after their cars crashed near the bridge. Their voices and screams are said to be heard on many nights.

YouTube/ OmarGosh TV

2. Museum Of Colorado Prisons

This was initially known as the Colorado Territorial Penitentiary when it was opened in 1871. The three-story establishment was known not to have any walls, and inmates were instructed to return to the facility at a certain hour or risk getting locked out. The specialty museum was officially unveiled in 1982 as part of the Colorado Women’s Prison, which replaced the Territorial Penitentiary.

The old laundry room appears to smell of tobacco that isn’t anywhere near the vicinity, and cold spots plague the area. In the vacant Cell 19, visitors can sometimes hear coughing and pictures feature ghost orbs that appear to be in the empty cell.

You can take a ride down to Canon City and check this place out for yourself. It's only $10 for an adult ticket and could get you a really good scare.

YouTube/Natalia Goncharova

3. Molly Brown House:

Named after a survivor of The Titanic, it's said that Margaret (Molly) Brown still haunts her home at 1340 Pennsylvania Street in Denver where you can take a tour...if you dare.

YouTube/My Road Tours

4. Hotel Colorado

Sometimes forgotten because of the popularity of The Stanley, Hotel Colorado was notorious for its famous guests and is now haunted and filled with spooky stories and experiences by man. You'll find this gem in Glenwood Springs.

YouTube/ Rocky Mountain PBS

5. The Denver "Spiderman House"

Okay, this one is REALLY creepy to me. The man who once lived in this house, Phillip Peters, was brutally murdered in this house. But, the mystery was that all of the doors and windows were locked from the inside. Apparently, someone was secretly living in his attic. Okay, the first thing I'm doing when I get home is checking my attic while carrying a big knife!

YouTube/Fear Loomecy

6. Mattie's House of Mirrors

Once a brothel, this place has a LOT of mirrors and stories that still haunt the place to this day. It's located on Market Street in Denver.

YouTube/ Rhetty For History

7. Patterson Inn

Not only is this place haunted, but apparently the entire neighborhood is haunted and this current B&B is right in the middle of all its haunted glory. There's even a book about it. Interested? You can book a stay HERE.

YouTube/ Adventure 360

8. Cheesman Park

This place was the Prospect Hill Cemetary way back in the day back in the 19th century and there are simply some creepy vibes and goings-on there.

YouTube/ Rocky Mountain PBS

9. Ashcroft Ghost Town

This town has actually been restored and it looks to be a really neat place to check out, especially if you love all things haunted. I want to stay in the hotel there because those who have stayed there at the View Hotel claim that it is very creepy and super haunted. It is believed that long-dead spirits who died in mining accidents are to blame.

It's a bit of a haul, but if you're looking for a good spook and make a weekend of it, this could be a sweet spot for you.

YouTube/ American Ghost Towns

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