Located near Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge outside of Lawton, Oklahoma is Eagle Park, a now-abandoned amusement park. For area residents, taking a back way through the mountains near Eagle Park is the perfect scenic route for enjoying a drive around the region.

When passing through Cache, you'll spot the old Eagle Park sign next to the Trading Post on 8th Street. Eagle Park was a fantastic place for kids.

Eagle Park was the best. There were carnival rides, a skating rink, they'd do rodeos there, car shows, of course, the chili cook-off and all kinds of other cool stuff. I remember all the good times camping and spending weekends there.

YouTube vloggers have visited the park and shared what it looks like today.

HistoryHappens shares the story of the park which operated from the last 1950s until 1985. The park

was the vision of Herbert Woesner Jr. He wanted to create an amusement park that would replace the one in Craterville which was forced to close by Ft. Sill. The fort was expanding the base due to the cold war and needed the land....

The park is currently owned by Wayne Gibson who is the nephew of Herbert Woesner Jr. Wayne explained there was also quite a collection of rides, some of which were never in operation. The Wild Mouse which was a roller coaster was one of those that never was in operation. Wayne's father was working on finalizing it when he turned and fell off the scaffolding which led to his untimely passing. The roller coaster has remained untouched since that time. Herbert had a small train that had tracks and was in operation but he also purchased a large train from overseas that was never in operation.

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The channel SandhillDigger also shares more of the story of Eagle Park

Here you could go horseback riding, skating, ride carnival rides, have picnics, etc. Over the years the owner, Herbert Woesner of Cache has collected some historical structures from around the area. The "Star House" or the Quannah Parker House is one of the main attractions, he also has the old "Frisco Station" that once stood in Lawton.

Maybe someday someone will fix it back up and re-open Eagle Park, that would be epic! I'd love to take my kids there and relive some of those "good old days."

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