It would appear as if western Colorado has been visited recently by aliens.

Extraterrestrials In Western Colorado

Of course, if we have been visited by lifeforms, it wouldn't be the first time Grand Junction has experienced extraterrestrials over the years. In fact, you can see in the gallery below, all of the reported UFO sightings in the Grand Junction over the past 20 years.

However, in this case, I am happy to say there is no mystery, and these alien-like creatures did not come from Ork, Vulcan, Remulak, or any other faraway planet or solar system. No, these aliens were purchased recently at a western Colorado auction.

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Where Did These Aliens Come From?

Susan (not her real name) told me the story of how the aliens came to be, though she wished to remain anonymous.

"I bought them at the Loma Western Cattlemen's auction they have every spring. I had to have them. I just like out-of-this-world stuff. They got a lot of attention there. I told my husband we would be taking them home. He just said do what you gotta do babe."


Anybody who was at the auction knows the aliens sold for $625. They are made out of aluminum and they stand 5' tall. Susan's husband borrowed a boom truck and put them about 20 feet off the ground on some giant stumps in the yard. Green spotlights shine on the aliens so they can be seen from quite a distance at night - and they really do look like they came from outer space.

Susan told me she has never had a real-life UFO encounter but says aliens have always fascinated her. She says  "I do believe."

Aliens Find New Home In Western Colorado

Sometimes aliens may visit earth via flying saucers or some other space vessel. Western Colorado has some aliens who arrived via an auction, and they have taken up permanent residence in Mesa County. Here's a look at these new alien residents at their new home.

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