Whether you find taxidermy creepy or not, you have to admit that the world of taxidermy is fascinating.  I'm not sure if it's the pandemic or something in the water that sparked this creativity, but taxidermists around the country are creating versions of Bigfoot, the fabled cryptid, err, Assquatches, out of deer butts.

The deer bottom is not typically used in a standard Whitetail Deer Mount. Most deer mounts are shoulder mounts. However, taxidermists are finding a use for the rump and turning it into a "money maker." Taxidermists as a general rule hate to see parts go to waste. Previously, the junk in the trunk would go in the dump. Now, some savvy taxidermists around the country are turning this into a money-making proposition. Somebody call Shark Tank!

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I gave one of Bismarck, North Dakota's most well-known, and well-respected taxidermy shops a call, Dakota Taxidermy, and spoke with World Champion Taxidermist Bill Neuman about the subject. Bill said, "Dakota Taxidermy has not had many calls about the 'Assquatch' craze. Dakota Taxidermy does have a sheep, that they will be doing on that line. Nueman said, "projects like that are labor-intensive and at a $65 dollar an hour shop rate, it's not worth it to most customers."

I think North Dakota is a pretty serious hunting state, and the fact that hunters spend a lot of money on traditional mounts in our state, I'm not sure the "Assquatch" craze will ever catch on?  We like our Big Butts, I mean Big Bucks too much.

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