Oakdale Cemetery may be the most "haunted location" in the Quad Cities. Earlier in October, I talked about one of the darkest legends in Davenport, Iowa, "The Limb Of Unknown Child." I thought that was the end of my trips to Oakdale, but I was wrong.

Only feet away from the limb of an unknown child is another orphan grave that reads "Baby Boy Fear 1936",


Have you ever heard someone say if you get out of a sticky situation never return to that spot? I should have followed that, because my second experience at this location, was much darker and creepy.

Very little is written or known about Baby fear. It lives in the shadow of the also vague legend of the unknown child. I mostly just had a few rumors and pictures to go off of.

The legend of this site is simple. Due to all the pain in this spot, if you go to this location on Halloween you can sense the children, and hear them. They either scream or sing.

The other legend is that some of these tragic passing was due to Annie Wittenmyre Orphanage fire in the 30’s. Though there is no confirmed information with this.

I went to this location on October 20th. The entire cemetery was empty. The vibe felt the same as last time until I found the headstone of "Baby Boy Fear." I was surprised it was real. I said it out loud and felt a cold rush that felt deeper than the wind howling around me.

I felt lightheaded which was strange because I almost never get that feeling. My car was still running on the dirt road about 50 feet away. but I could no longer hear the engine's hum. Everything fell silent.

This next part will sound fake, but I will stand by it. My real name Is Jake Truemper, and as I tried to calmly walk back to my car I heard my name clear as day. It cut through the silence like a knife. I felt goosebumps. My full name was spoken clear as day in a child's voice. "Jake Truemper." In the middle of the day, with no one around.

As I set foot back on the road all the sounds rushed back to me, the loud wind, the birds, the cars from the paved road a few hundred feet away. I got back into my car and drove off.

I have learned my lesson, and will not be going to this spot alone ever again. I've vested many haunted locations, and consider myself pretty experienced when it comes to "ghosts and demons', but this was a scare like no other.

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