I'm a grown adult. So if I need something, I typically just go and buy it for myself. When it comes to Christmas gifts, I love random things that make me laugh and I would no way pick out for myself.

I also love TV shows like finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet. There's a lot of uncharted area on this planet and I have no reason to believe that a Sasquatch doesn't exist. If you have someone on your holiday shopping list like myself, these ideas are sure to please. Heck, even skeptics would like these gifts.

(FYI: We may receive compensation from some of these links.) 


1. Novelty Yeti Hand Car Ice Scraper

Ok. So it's technically a yeti hand. But my fiance got one of these seven years ago for Christmas and still uses it every time it snows. This gift can be filed under the win column for sure.


2. Big Foot Air Freshener - Pine Scented

Because if it was scented like Bigfoot it would blend right in with the scent lingering in your teenage son's car.


3. Hide And Seek Champion Shirt

Bragging rights are bragging rights, use them to your advantage. Plus it comes in 18 different colors.


4. Sasquatch Soap - 100% Natural Skin Care Bar

A polite way to say, "you smell terrible, please take a bath". Also it has 4.5 stars so it must work.


5.  Emergency Bigfoot Electronic Noisemaker

Great for emergencies, and casual squatch calling. Comes with four different noise settings sure to drive parents crazy.


6. Bigfoot the Holiday Yeti with Santa Hat Funny Christmas Tree Ornament

Forget hiding a pickle ornament, the real challenge is to find the hidden Bigfoot ornament. At least this guy has a festive hat to make him stand out a bit.


7. Bigfoot Sasquatch Outdoor Research Kit Novelty Gift

The description says "For The Serious Bigfoot Enthusiast Only!", and comes with a membership card to some sort of club. For $16.54 it must be legit.


8. Bigfoot the Bashful Yeti Garden Tree Sculpture

Garden gnomes who? We don't know her. This shy squatch will be the perfect addition to your flower bed if the snow ever melts in this state.


9. Warning! Please Do Not Feed The Sasquatch Tin Sign

Perfect for a man cave, or messy teen's bedroom door.


10. Bigfoot Crew Socks

You know what they say about big feet... Big socks. Keep those big feet warm and fashionable with this fun Sasquatch print.

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(FYI: We may receive compensation from some of these links.) 

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