Whether you call it Sasquatch or Bigfoot, it's no stranger to the Adirondack Mountains of New York. In this video online, can you hear Bigfoot screaming in the background?

This video was posted in October of 2013, and it's making rounds all over the internet once again. Dave Gibson was the one to post it. He explains that it was filmed on October 12th of 2013 around 8:30AM.

Sasquatch barking laugh, probably a juvenile. My aggressive male pit bull was cowering on the couch in our cabin. The protective female was hiding under a table. My guess is that they encountered a Sasquatch at some point and know what it is, and want nothing to do with it."


The video was filmed in Bleecker, New York. For those that don't know, Bleecker is a town in Fulton County north of the cities of Gloversville and Johnstown.

Many on YouTube are commenting whether this animal sound could be a fox, or coyote. Someone who explains that they are an "expert" in audio analysis on "odd" vocalizations from the forest, explained they don't believe it is a coyote:

You are correct that this is no coyote. I support this by pointing out the audible accompanying irregular and female vocalizations in the background."

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Someone went into detail more explaining they saw baby Bigfoots in the video:

There is a small group of what may be baby or juvenile Sasquatch/Bigfoot sitting in the shadows there ... very tough to see but I usually do a few screenshots and study them in an editor where I can lighten and sharpen the imagery to see if and what is actually there!"

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