A broom isn't just used to sweep the dirt around your house, a super cool, witchy broom that can bring good luck.

I decided to start by ordering a really cool cinnamon broom from The Front Porch. I had no idea it was a smelly broom, I just thought it looked cool.

After I picked up my broom, I decided to do some research on the best place to hang it up or place in the house, due to hearing that a broom can actually affect your vibes.

According to Culture-Exchange, cinnamon brooms can help bring good luck! After 2020, we all could use that.

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Now, these ideas are coming from Wiccan and witch practices but don't discourage them if you are one of those who think that stuff is pure evil.

As a new season begins, I feel I need to clear out some vibes from my house so I have placed the broom above my door. A broom above a door is thought to bring good luck and ward off any negative energy.

What more could you want from a simple broom? How about a shock? Well, it shocked me.

Even though it smells like cinnamon, it is made out of pine! Yeah, they use cinnamon oil to make the broom give off the aroma.

After scrolling through multiple sites, I think it is best for you to do your own research on respecting brooms. I would have never thought there was so much power in a broom, but here we are, thanks to the internet.

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