The Church of Satan has apparently made a statement regarding the tragic fire that took one of Poughkeepsie's most popular homes last week, the iconic Halloween House.

Many Poughkeepsie residents are still mourning the loss of one of their favorite historical homes in the city. Firefighters in the City of Poughkeepsie responded to a fire on 27 South Clinton Street around 5am on Friday. Unfortunately, the house was devastated by the flames.

According to the City of Poughkeepsie Historic District & Landmarks Preservation Commission, the old house was built in the late 1800's by a successful jeweler from Poughkeepsie. Past owners of the home were known to decorate extravagantly for Halloween. The home's gothic architecture is another reason why it has been given the nickname "Halloween House" by neighbors.

Police believe that the fire was set intentionally. Authorities are asking for any information regarding the incident. If you have any info you can contact 845-451-7577.

There is currently a GoFundMe page to help raise funds for the victims of the fire. It has almost reached its goal of $60,000. The home is reported to be owned by adult performer, Matthew Camp but for many years the house was owned by a follower of the Church of Satan and there are rumors that much of the house was transformed into a museum of oddities and creepy decorations.

According to a post on Facebook from the Church of Satan, the past owner performed the first same-sex satanic wedding in the state of New York.

The Church of Satan has issued a statement about the terrible incident.

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