A Hudson Valley family is looking for answers after capturing what looks like a ghost on their home security camera.

While scrolling through Instagram I came across a video from Nicole Gerber. The caption reads "BEHOLD: the ghost we caught on video" with a cute ghost emoji. I obviously had to click play.

Take a look at the video below, if you blink you'll miss it so pay close attention and turn your volume up. What do you see?

I reached out to Nicole who told me the video was taken at 7:07am on the morning of January 3rd. She says her family saw a Turkey on video the day before. To be safe they compared the two videos and noticed an obvious difference in the "size, speed and lighting" from the turkey and the unidentified object.

Nicole also adds "the turkey wasn't transparent."

Speaking of which, Nicole's brother Mike said "We would like to point out the lighting change and the speed in which the object moves out of frame, the sound accompanied by the video and the gust of wind that moves the bush."

The family says that if it is indeed a spirit, they hope it's a friendly one.

So what do you think Hudson Valley did the Gerber Family catch a ghost or perhaps, my personal opinion, a time traveler on their security camera?

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