Paranormal investigators say they 'ran out' of a Youngsville home after being encountered by 'an evil spirit.'

A few months ago, McLain Investments co-owner Sylvia McClain posted a listing on Facebook, offering the house free of charge for anyone who could move it off of the property.

After posting the home, McClain was "inundated" with messages about the home being haunted.


Now, a pair of ghost hunters say they have confirmation of paranormal activity on the property that they are comparing to 'Amityville Horror.'

Greg Matlock Sr. and Cindy Parr are a ghost hunting duo from New Orleans who say they visited the home on Verot near Fortune Road and encountered spirits that "drained new batteries in their equipment" and "shut out a light" before they were confronted by a shadowy black figure.

On the second day, we actually went in and stayed the night, it killed five of our batteries, they feed off the energy. We asked for a sign if it wanted us to leave, and it shut down a light, we were like, okay, but we didn't leave yet

A video shows a door in the home "slowly opening on its own" after Matlock and Parr asked for a sign of the spirit's presence.

The Sun

After running out of the home the ghost hunters compared the home in Youngsville to 'Amityville Horror', saying it was the worst place they have stayed in over their 20-year career. Others have claimed that the spirit that occupies the house is a 4ft 9in woman by the name of Adele.

According to The Sun, Dawn Vallot DeClout says she is the great-grandaughter of Adele. DeClout says her family bought the 160-acre plot of land where the house currently stands in 1860. Adele reportedly passed away in the front room in 1967 and DeClout and her family continued to live in the house until the 1980s.


DeClout says her family believes that it is indeed Adele's spirit haunting the home, but she's harmless.

Adele lived to be almost 90 and she was always digging in the pots, like when you have something on the stove and someone goes and looks in the pot and stirs it around. We used to hear her all the time jangling the pots when we had something on the stove. You could hear somebody picking up the lid but there was nobody in the kitchen.

Matlock is certain that the bedroom door that opened belonged to Adele, although others have claimed "there are a number of spirits, some less welcoming than Adele," that make weird noises that can be heard in the walls. His 2 a.m. experience seems to support the theory that multiple ghosts haunt the property.

I turned into the room and saw this black mass standing there, it wasn't a shadow or anything like that, it was pretty wide. I don't think it was the older lady, I think it was something totally different, the figure was bigger and stood about 6ft. It started to turn and I just thought, "Oh no" and ran out, I was done, it was unbelievable, everything just slowed down. It wasn't just me seeing it, it was what I felt when it was there, you could feel the power, it was bad, not a good situation to be in at all. We got out and I was definitely exhausted, it draws energy from you, my chest was even hurting.

Regardless of the home's history and Matlock saying it was the "worst house" he's ever stayed in, there is allegedly a new owner who will be moving the house to a new location 20 miles away.

Property owner Sylvia McLain said she's heard the haunted-house rumors, but described them as "really cute stories."

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