Western Colorado's Hotchkiss Paranormal Investigators took a recent trip to Escalante Canyon looking to speak to spirits and found what they were looking for.

Where is Escalante Canyon, Colorado?

Escalante Canyon, Colorado is located on 650 Road south of Grand Junction and west of Delta. The particular area that the Hotchkiss Paranormal Investigators focused on was the railroad tracks on Escalante Canyon Road in Delta, Colorado 81416.

What Did the Paranormal Group Find in Escalante Canyon Colorado?

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The group, comprised of leader Hector Zeferino, a woman by the name of Veronica, Don the medium/psychic, and a couple of others, made a trip to Escalante Canyon on Saturday, June 4th.

The group focused on the railroad tracks where tragedy has allegedly struck in the past. They used ghost hunting devices including one known as a Spirit Box to attempt to talk to any spirits that were in the area and the spirits delivered.

First, a "pop" was heard by the group on the railroad tracks themselves, followed by numbers on the devices going up and down and sounds responding to questions like, "Did anything tragic happen here?", "What's your name?", "Are you right in front of us?", "Are you standing right at this spot?" and others.

Upon asking these questions, you can hear some sort of sound cutting through the static, some of which sounds like a voice, some sounding like a train whistle, and some resembling a radio station trying to cut through.

A couple of the experts said that they felt a presence watching them from a nearby mountain, while another thanked a spirit whose presence she felt that was followed by a flash of light on the same mountain.

Colorado Paranormal Group Speaks to Spirits in Escalante Canyon

The Hotchkiss Paranormal Investigators took a recent trip to Escalante Canyon, Colorado in order to speak to spirits in the area.

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