I eat chocolate every single day of my life. It is as much a part of my day as putting on pants or listening to music. I love it! I also like a real-life ghost story that has yet to be debunked. With these things in mind, I may have found, what could be, my favorite place on earth.

Barkeater Chocolates in North Creek, New York, about 90 minutes north of Schenectady, is a destination for both chocolate lovers and those seeking ghostly experiences. So what's the deal? Chocolate isn't scary but the building of the Barkeater factory has been known to raise the hair on the back of your neck.

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For nearly a decade, Barkeater Chocolates have occupied a building where employees have reported unexplained sounds of voices, footsteps, and banging from a ghost they have named Miranda. Apparently, Miranda has even been blamed for turning the thermostat up to 85 degrees at times.

According to Haunted History Trail, their factory building dates back to 1880 and around 1947 one family took over the home for generations. It is rumored that one of the children died outside the home in a tragic accident, the mom disappeared shortly after only to return years later.  Separately It has been confirmed that the couple who owned the home passed away in two different rooms of the house.

Want to see if you experience anything at Barkeater? Reserve your session at the haunted chocolate factory HERE. During the session, you will learn more about the haunted history with first-hand accounts, creepy happenings and real-life unexplained events and sometimes mysterious historical facts.

These 1-hour sessions are recommended for ages 13 and older. In addition to the paranormal, you will have a chocolate demo where you can make your own chocolate ghost. With Easter coming quickly maybe this makes for the perfect time to take the ride, pick up some scary good chocolate.

Have I mentioned that my home is haunted? More on that another time. If you are interested in the skull cake pan in the image, head to Amazon or the Nordic Ware Store.

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