Hiking is awesome, it's a great way to get some fresh air, exercise and check out some incredible scenery while getting your heart rate up...in more ways than one especially these particular hikes here in Colorado.

According to Outthere Colorado, these are some of the most haunted and creepy hikes the state has to offer, sure to chill you to the bone and give a whole different kind of adrenaline rush while you're enjoying the great outdoors in Colorado.

From graveyards, to tunnels to lakes and giant sand dunes filled with reports of UFO sightings and mutilated farm animals around it are just a few of the things just WAITING for you to check out on your summer adventure list.

Honestly, in all of my excursions and adventures in the various mountain ranges in North America, I've never actually been on a haunted trail (at least that I was aware of) but this list has me ready for a whole different kind of adventure this summer.

First, I think I want to dig a little deeper on the background of these hikes a bit more before I set foot on these trails.

Do you think YOU'RE up for the challenge of taking a haunted hike and even more...doing it alone?  Here's a rundown of the hikes and what you need to know before you give it a shot.

Helen Hunt Falls

This hike near Colorado Springs is short but sweet and gets right to the haunted point. This place was named after the activist Helen Hunt who was buried in Colorado Springs. Hikers report hearing strange voices at the falls where the area is steep and dangerous and has claimed many lives.

Grand Lake

Grand Lake was host to a battle between the Cheyenne and Ute Native American tribes. In an effort to escape the carnage, women and children took to rafts and floated out on the lake. A storm struck, and they were lost out on the water. The lake and surrounding area are said to be haunted by the spirits of those who drowned. CREEPY and sad.

Great Sand Dunes National Park: San Luis Valley

With over 150,000 acres to explore, this place is begging to be explored and if you're a UFO buff, you'll really enjoy the UFO Watchtower as many sightings have been reported here along with some creepy and unexplained cattle mutilations being reported as well. What is happening?

Stormy Peaks B-17 Crash Site

In 1943, an Army Flying Fortress bomber left Rapid City, South Dakota, and was bound for Denver. It never arrived. The military plane crashed in the Comanche Peaks Wilderness, killing all eight passengers on board. Today, you can hike to the eerie crash site where the wreckage remains. The site has been reported as very heavy, spooky, and sad. If you choose to take the hike, please be respectful and leave the wreckage untouched.

Gold Camp Road

This road in the Colorado Springs area is home to a bunch of tunnels. When driving on it, it's the THIRD tunnel that is home to a tragic school bus accident where many kids were trapped inside when the tunnel collapsed. There are a bunch of trails nearby and hikers have reported seeing little handprints appear on fogged car windows.

Horsechief Canyon: Fruita

This canyon was once a corridor for horse smugglers. There was once a woman who was trampled to death by a smuggled herd of horses. Her ghost is now said to be wandering the trails...just waiting for a lone hiker to become her next companion. (insert evil laugh here)

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