A vintage guitar shop in New Lebanon, Ohio, is selling what they call a "haunted guitar" with a crazy back story.

I honestly don't know what's stranger, the fact that a guitar shop is selling an allegedly haunted guitar for $666, or maybe the very descriptive and disturbing storytelling in the ad for this guitar on the Reverb website.

The seller of this 6-string acoustic guitar tells a ghost story about the 13-year-old boy that once owned the possessed axe in the late 1970's.  Apparently, this teen was heavily into satanic seances and other creepy black magic situations.  He was allegedly found dead with his guitar according to the Reverb.com listing,

this neophyte necromancer was born in June of '66, and died tragically on Halloween, October 31, 1979, when he was just thirteen years old. (His death has never been solved, but the calamitous kid was found lying on his bed with THIS GUITAR draped across him, apparently electrocuted, even though this is an acoustic guitar!

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The current owner of this ghastly guitar claims that on multiple occasions the guitar would randomly make sounds as if someone were playing it. This acoustic anomaly would even play itself when stored in the man's closet. I would have already filmed that for a TikTok video if I were him. Just sayin.'

He's not sure what kind of guitar it is since "Satan has apparently stricken the brand name of the the headstock." He believes the guitar to be a Kay Western Special.  This spooky stringed instrument can be yours for just $666. That doesn't count the $66.60 shipping and handling. I wish that were a joke. You can read the full back story or buy the guitar by clicking here.

The story reminds us quite a bit of a classic Guy Clark song called, simply, 'The Guitar' about a haunting encounter with a six-string the narrator is unnaturally drawn to. It's a great piece and showcases Guy (and his songwriting partner Vernon Thompson) at their best:

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