Travel Channel announced today that the hit series The Holzer Files will return at the end of this month with all-new investigations into the case files of legendary paranormal researcher Dr. Hans Holzer.

The 13-episode second season will launch with a special Halloween week premiere on Thursday, October 29 at 11 p.m. ET/PT.

Paranormal researchers have long revered Dr. Holzer for his work into the investigation of the supernatural, and most with at least a passing interest in the subject have read one of his more than 120 books on the subject. He also pushed what he called “The Holzer Method” of paranormal investigation, which involved combining a scientific approach to the paranormal along with the abilities of a tested medium.

The premise of The Holzer Files is that the team – led by paranormal investigator Dave Schrader, psychic medium Cindy Kaza and equipment technician Shane Pittman – combs through Dr. Holzer’s recently rediscovered case files that date back to the 1950s. The team then dives back into the most intriguing cases with the help of Dr. Holzer’s daughter, Alexandra, and researcher Gabe Roth.

“We knew when we greenlit The Holzer Files, we had something special on our hands, but we didn’t realize just how much of a paranormal pandora’s box we’d opened until we started filming,” Matthew Butler, general manager of Travel Channel, said in a release. “Hans was a prolific chronicler of hundreds of ghost hunts, preserving everything from photographs, case notes, letters, film footage and chilling audio recordings from his interview subjects and trance mediums. Most of this material has never been seen before and we’re just getting started.”

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Travel Channel released a look at some of the upcoming episodes in Season 2:

“Phantom Hand” – Premieres Thursday, October 29 at 11 p.m. ET/PT

The premiere episode of Season 2 takes viewers back to 1963, when the Todd family of Cleveland encountered a ghastly hand reaching toward them from the basement door in their Mason Court apartment. Despite nailing the door shut, the appendage pushed through and terrified the family for weeks before they finally fled with their young son. Though the Todd family moved out, more people in the Kingsbury Run area of Cleveland continued to contact Dr. Holzer about similar disturbing activity, finally prompting him to bring his trusted psychic medium, Ethel Meyers, to conduct an outdoor reading of the entire area. Her findings were vivid and terrifying, but nothing matched up with the city’s known history, so the many paranormal cases of Kingsbury Run were never closed. Now, Hans Holzer’s hidden case file is finally reopened, and new patterns emerge as the team delves into the original letters and finds that the hauntings may point to a new central crossroads for the spirits. However, as they unearth the area’s haunting past, they soon discover that they are likely dealing with restless souls that may have all died at the hands of the same infamous killer.

“Tell Me No Lies” – Premieres Thursday, November 5 at 10 p.m. ET/PT

Hans Holzer believed a sensational tale of heartache and murder hid the real story behind one of his most famous cases. The team heads to New York City’s Old Merchant’s House to uncover the terrifying truth of this Victorian-age haunting.

“Death to Tyrants” – Premieres Thursday, November 12 at 10 p.m. ET/PT

Dave Schrader, Cindy Kaza and Shane Pittman reopen legendary ghost hunter Hans Holzer’s terrifying case of the Surratt Tavern in Clinton, Maryland, the infamous first stop of John Wilkes Booth after assassinating Abraham Lincoln in 1865.

“Final Word” – Premieres Thursday, November 19 at 10 p.m. ET/PT

Hans Holzer visited Ohio’s Franklin Castle many times, each time experiencing terrible technical difficulties, and never able to pinpoint the exact cause of the uncanny happenings plaguing the owners of the house for years. Now, Dave Schrader, Cindy Kaza and Shane Pittman return, witnessing the troubled spirit manifest before their eyes. But their biggest discovery is something Holzer himself missed. They restore his jumbled audio recording to find a hidden voice, and the key to the castle’s haunting.

“Edge of the Veil” – Premieres Thursday, November 26 at 10 p.m. ET/PT

Hans Holzer had a lifelong obsession with Rockland County, New York, the site of his first case. Half a century later, the team attempts to decode the region's rampant paranormal activity. Does it stem from a revolutionary past or something far more sinister?

“Blood in the Water” – Premieres Thursday, December 3 at 10 p.m. ET/PT

Hans Holzer heard stories of paranormal activity taking place on Staten Island’s historic Conference House, a site famous for peace, but with a dark and bloody past. After generations of people reporting noises, murmurs, moans, and pleas, Hans conducted two investigations. Though his mediums, Ethel and Sybil, sensed the murder of a young woman on the staircase by an imposing man from the American Revolution. Holzer felt there was more to the case. When Dave Schrader, Cindy Kaza and Shane Pittman return, the spirits guide them to the water’s edge where a terrible truth awaits.

“Devil in the Rock” – Premieres Thursday, December 10 at 10 p.m. ET/PT

The team ventures to the Massachusetts coast to follow up on Hans Holzer's 1964 investigation of the Bates Ship Chandlery. As they delve deep into the property's past, they uncover a chilling undercurrent of darkness anchored in the rocky shores.

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