Forget about going down to New York City and looking at the tree at Rockefeller Center. The Hudson Valley has its own Christmas tree floating in the Hudson River in New York.

We shouldn't be surprised by anything odd we see in the Hudson River at this point but there's a special reason why you might have seen a heavily decorated Christmas tree floating around the Hudson River on a boat.

If you're anywhere near Stony Point you shouldn't be surprised if you see a fully decorated and lit up Christmas Tree anchored down on the Hudson River. This isn't a random spur of the moment reason to spread holiday cheer because of the pandemic. It's actually been happening for years.

What is the reason for this? According to a local photographer, A Hudson Valley resident releases the boat from their dock every year in remembrance of the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy. The area of the launch was supposedly flooded due to the hurricane in 2012 and it's reported that the road nearby still floods during a high tide.

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The boat and tree are supposed to symbolize hope and that's something that we need now more than ever.

A local photographer was able to capture some stunning photos of what's usually a private launch.

At night the tree is so much more spectacular and beautiful.

Credit: Veronica Yacono

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