In the last few years we've seen a surge in true crime television shows and podcasts. A look at the front page of any podcast app will show you that we are devouring shows like "Crime Junkie," "My Favorite Murder" and "Dateline."

Listen, I'm one of those people who dive right into the true crime world. But when it hits close to home, it feels a little different and you're reminded at the end of the day that these stories aren't just entertainment. There are families and communities mourning a loved one or friend.

With that being said, we decided to put the spotlight on a handful of unsolved cold cases or missing persons cases along with weird unexplained happenings in the Hudson Valley of New York. Did we miss some? Most likely. It was reported back in 2021 that over 60 children have recently gone missing from New York State alone.

We found source materials from the New York State Police, the FBI, missing person groups on Facebook, local news outlets like NY Upstate and ABC 7 NY, and missing person databases such as

Who knows, maybe this story will show up on someone's timeline and it will spark a memory of important information that can help move a cold case along. If there is a story we missed that you think we should add to the list send us a message through our mobile apps.

If you have any information regarding any of the missing people or cold cases mentioned below, reach out to your local law enforcement.

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