It looks like there is yet another report of a Bigfoot sighting in the Hudson Valley. This time in Dutchess County.

If you remember back in June, the Bigfoot Researchers of The Hudson Valley had reported that 2 hikers had an encounter with Bigfoot in the Cairo area. The hikers had said to have come across footprints and dens with broken branches which is common in Bigfoot sightings.

Founder of The Bigfoot Researcher's of The Hudson Valley, Gayle Beatty, shared that there had been an intense encounter with a Bigfoot-like creature in Hyde Park.

Beatty explains in a Facebook post that a woman was landscaping and taking the scraps to a wooded area behind a barn. What she encountered was something I don't think anyone would ever forget.

Beatty writes:

After dumping the wheelbarrow, it dropped down which made a loud bang. Suddenly, from approximately 50' away she sees and hears something crashing through the thick vegetation parting the brush towards Her.The creature then jumped in the tree above her, leaving her in shock and disbelief. The creature then began using its arms to swing from tree to tree moving away from her. She described it as very large and moving through the trees like a monkey.

The woman apparently got a good look at the creature and described it as "6-7' tall with long arms" and a reddish-brown color.

Bigfoot Researchers of The Hudson Valley has not disclosed the exact location of the sighting but said that they have had several reports over the years of Bigfoot activity in that location.

An added side note: the picture used in the Facebook post, which looks very much like Bigfoot, was taken several years ago in upstate New York.

We'll keep you updated on any more Bigfoot sightings in the Hudson Valley.

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