Connecticut has a rich history as a paranormal hot spot.

There are ghoulish legends all over the state from Cornwall's Dudleytown, to the Sterling Opera House in Derby and beyond. Even the biggest skeptic would have to acknowledge that there is dark energy and a long record of paranormal stories.

Now Connecticut is getting more attention for it's ghostly ways because Travel & Leisure just named Jeremy Swamp Road in Southbury the country's most haunted route in America. In August T&L had this to say of the street:

There are eerie stories about many roadways in Connecticut, but one of the best known involves Jeremy Swamp Road in Southbury. According to urban legend, drivers in vehicles that get stuck here tend to disappear before their tow truck shows up, the result of having been ambushed by the Melon Heads.

What are the Melon heads? This is a group shrouded in mystery, they've been called inbred, mutants and some believe they are escaped mental patients. People say they live in the woods off of Jeremy Swamp Road and abduct folks who make the mistake of taking a stroll through the area.

Only In Your State says:

Some say they see the Melon Heads hunched over at the reservoir, drinking. Kids playing in the woods hear them breathing behind them, or worse: they make direct eye contact with their deformed and spooky faces. Some say the Melon Heads place dead deer in the road to try and cause accidents, or may spook you by waiting just around a road's curve.

According to urban legends spreading across America, they are a growing population of inbred monsters living in the depths of the woods. Some say they may even be cannibals. Legend says they may be especially malignant in Connecticut due to reproducing with escaped asylum patients seeking cover in the woods during the 1970s.

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This Travel & Leisure article is interesting because the Melon Heads have also been reported to live in Shelton, on Saw Mill City Road about a 29 minute drive away. In fact, I wrote an article about it last year called "Is This Shelton Road Haunted? Some Believe It's Home to the Melon Heads."

No matter where you read about the Melon Heads, you find similar stories and different towns. Southbury and Shelton are not the only places where people claim to have seen the Melon Heads. Ray Bendici from Damned CT wrote about this, he was looking into Milford CT sightings of the Melon Heads and stated:

Apparently, this legend isn’t limited to Milford — recently, I was telling a work friend about them, and she didn’t believe me, so she Googled it and discovered (through the glory of Wikipedia) that in addition to being legends in other states (Ohio and Michigan), the Melonheads were also indigenious to Monroe, Seymour, Weston, Oxford, Southbury, Trumbull and my current hometown of Shelton! I also saw that like Milford, many of these towns had “Melon Head Roads” — in Milford (back when I was growing up), it was Zion Hill Road; in Trumbull, it’s Velvet Street (aka “Dracula Drive” — another legend for another day); and in Shelton, it’s Saw Mill City Road.

Bright headlights of a car driving on foggy winter road

Let's assume the Melon Heads are real and then let's assume they are parked in the woods off of Jeremy Swamp Road and Saw Mill City Road, could you then decide one road is more haunted than the other? My question is, are there different levels of inbred mutants in Connecticut?

Are there mild monsters and spicy monsters? Are there beginner inbreds and black belt inbreds? It's enough to try and wrap my head around the idea that these things exist and now I have to contemplate which is more likely to eat my spleen if my radiator craps out?

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