You know that those who make their living on the open waters have their superstitions, "red sky at night, sailors delight" and all. But when you see this cloud formation captured recently over Lake Erie, you may just think there's credence to those old yarns.

Take a look at this image captured from the porthole of a ship in the middle of the Great Lakes. The ship is the Saginaw and it was sailing near Kingsville, Ontario:

We'll say right off the bat, this is clearly pareidolia. Or your mind's tendency to make a meaningful image out of nothing at all. You know this phenomenon, think the Man on Mars, a potato chip shaped like Abe Lincoln or 'Jesus on toast.'

That being said, you totally see a snarling fanged mouth, evil eyes and a horn on the left side of the face, right? I sure do.

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Here are a few more interpretations from Facebook comments:

Looks like Voldemort

Looks like an angry skull.

Whatever your interpretation, maybe you'll give a second thought to those tales of tempests that may stalk our Great Lakes. There are actually two books that detail them. Written by Erie, Pennsylvania, native Federick Stonehouse Haunted Lakes: Great Lakes Ghost Stories, Superstitions and Sea Serpents is a two-volume set.

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