The Lake George Mystery is hidden in plain sight in the middle of the Adirondack Mountains resort town of Lake George, New York. The concrete platform is behind the Lake George Visitor Center and features a painted rendition of the lake. In the very center, two railroad tracks cross to make an 'X'.

Here's where the mystery comes in: if you stand on the 'X' and yell towards the lake, your voice will echo back to you - and only you can hear it.

According to Atlas Obscura, there are several theories about what causes this acoustic phenomenon, but "a local Native American legend, which holds an ancient god appeared long ago at this spot and his wisdom still echoes around the lake."

That's pretty cool.

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If you're ready to try this on your next visit to Lake George, look for the spot on a small pavilion next to the lake behind the Lake George Visitor Center, across the street from Fort William Henry. "Look for the flagpole to find it. For the best effect, stand directly in the center and face the lake. The bars on the ground actually form an "arrow" to face. Taller people may need to bend down a bit," according to the Atlas.

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