Take a look at one of the largest abandoned mansions in American with ties to the Titanic, Lynnewood Hall.

It sits on a 34-acre lot near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has an indoor pool a grand ballroom that can hold 1,000 people and views all around the property. Throughout the years it's become a home, a school, and now just a piece of history.

This 110-room mansion was built in 1900 and cost $8 million to build (about $256 million today with inflation). The original owner of the home was Peter Widener, a 20% investor in the Titanic. He gave up his sit on the luxury ship for his family in which all died on that faithful night in 1912 except for his daughter-in-law. The library in Lynnewood was turned into a ballroom after the sinking of Titanic

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After Widener died he passed the home onto his son and then it was sold to a Reverend Carl McIntire who turned the home into a religious school called “Faith Theological Seminary.” The owner of the religious school was so in debt that he had to sell off most of the mantel, art, and fixtures that were original to the house, so there's not much left of the original features in the home.

Currently, the house remains vacant and has an estimate of a $50 million price tag needed to fully renovate the home.

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