There have been so many shipwrecks and sinkings in the Great Lakes, it’s just about impossible to find them all. One of ‘em that was discovered in 2018 was the 1928 wreck of the Manasoo in Lake Huron.

The ship was sitting in a little over 200 feet of water in the Georgian Bay near Owen Sound, Canada.

The cool things about this discovery are:
1) the ship looks pretty much intact and
2) an old 1927 Chevrolet AA Capitol 2-door Coupe was found stored inside!

Some people were quick to speculate that the car was eliminated by Al Capone or some other gangster…not so. The car was on board being transported by its owner, Donald Wallace.

Wallace was just one of five people who survived the wreck – the other four included the captain and three shipmen. Sixteen others perished in the wreck, as well as 116 head of cattle, all owned by Wallace. It's speculated that the constant shifting of all that heavy cattle played a part in the sinking.

The Manasoo wrecked while trying to make it through a storm in September 1928; it sank in only three minutes.

Here’s hoping someone can save the ship AND the old car. The Great Lakes Shipwreck Preservation Society isn’t holding out hope for the ship, but the car could be saved and put on display…but only if the ship is torn apart so they can get to it.

Check out the photos below.

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