In September of 2014, Derek Diedricksen uploaded a photo to Facebook and I am still thinking about it almost seven years later.

This photo in question is that of a giant industrial-sized dumpster in a vacant parking lot, full of sealed boxes and unboxed VHS tapes, sprinkled with hundreds of loose cranberries. But the dumpster wasn't behind some defunct Blockbuster Video that was throwing away outdated media. And even if it were, it doesn't explain the smattering of berries thrown on top. And lastly, why are all of these unboxed VHS tapes exclusively of one particular Keanu Reeves film? Who was the once-proud owner of hundreds of videocassette copies of The Matrix?

We tracked down the photo (thanks Facebook search!) to ask Derek more about it and put an end to the mystery.

"I was hosting an HGTV series at the time called Tiny House Builders (and) this was behind what used to be New England Demo and Salvage on Cove Street in New Bedford," he said. "We were filming in there and stationed in the parking lot for set-up/catering and this happened to be right there."

A fitting end? EVERY single VHS tape in here- and ALL the larger sealed boxes too- contained Keanu Reeves' work- and...

Posted by Derek Diedricksen on Saturday, September 20, 2014

While Diedricksen was helpful in providing some background to this dumpster puzzle, our most important questions remain unanswered.

If anyone affiliated with the old New England Demo and Salvage building can tell us why someone had so many Keanu Reeves VHS tapes, cranberries, and new-but-old polaroid equipment, we'd love to hear from you.

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