Move over monoliths, there is a new surprise rectangle popping up in the frozen tundra of Minnesota. What appears to be a frozen caveman has popped up in Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Named Zug Zug, the caveman encased in plexiglass.

WCCO news reported that Zug Zug's artists are Zach Schumack, Ian Molloy-Busse, Harry Hausk, and Gunnar Gapko made this art piece for a local awards show. Zach Schumack is known for his creative art pieces and is the artist behind Leonic Experiential Builders:

The goal of Leonic is to provide a one of a kind experience in every project we work on. Whether that be turning an old piece of discarded wood into a masterful art installation, creating a unique design for residences or commercial properties, or designing and building event spaces.

Zug Zug has been living in Zach's garage since the awards show, but Zach thought it would be fun for other people to see him too, so he set the piece up in the park.

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The caveman's body is actually a mannequin that artist Ian Molly-Busse made look hyper-realistic. The plexiglass and poxyresin are hard to see through clearly, but if you look closely you'll notice that Zug is even carrying his trusty tomahawk.

The exact location of the caveman in the park is being kept a secret, encouraging community members to explore Theodore Wirth Park to find it for themselves. The artists are hoping this sparks people to get outside and engage with the art piece, and nature itself.

Like the mystery monoliths that popped up around the world in late 2020, this likely won't be the only caveman in a park. It turns out that Zug Zug has a girlfriend, but that is all the artists are willing to reveal at the moment.

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