Check out enough Bigfoot forums online and social media and you'll find several photos you won't be able to explain, like this one from Jennifer O'Neal. She and her husband had taken some pretty amazing photos of what appears to be a Bigfoot footprint on the trails around Mount St. Helens in Washington.

I reached to Jennifer so we could use her photos and you've got to admit the photos look pretty convincing.

Bigfoot Photos Look Convincing On A Recent Hike

Jennifer posted her story on the Bigfoot page describing how she came across the footprints. She was up on Mt. Saint Helens when she came across the tracks.

photo courtesy of Jennifer Powell O'Neal
photo courtesy of Jennifer Powell O'Neal

Here is what Jennifer said in the group:

Was up by Mt St Helens yesterday and while driving I looked over and saw these going up a hill. I had to climb up a bit to get to the first print. There was 3 total to the top and I couldn't safely get up the rest of the way to check at the top of the hill.

I'm wearing a size 8 men's shoe, I used a piece of floss to get a proper measurement when I got home and it was 21.5 inches long. I looked for a possible prank by humans but it would have been impossible to have made them with no actual footprints leading up. Also looked for marks from bear claws in dirt and none.

A few years back I also took photos of other prints I found on this same road and a few years before that while camping we heard calls that at that time I didn't realize could have been from Bigfoot all in this area.

I regret now a lot of things I should have done but the excitement overwhelmed me and the fact I had my mom and stepdad who is a non-believer also made it even that more exciting that someone other than my husband saw it

photo courtesy of Jennifer Powell O'Neal
photo courtesy of Jennifer Powell O'Neal

It sounds like a crazy story but the photos are pretty convincing.

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Are These Bigfoot Foot Prints?

Members in the Bigfoot Facebook page have been speculating on the origins of the prints and I know a lot of us are curious.

We may never know the answer but thanks to Jennifer Powell O'Neal for sharing her photos and you can read more about this Bigfoot sighting here.


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