What was once for sale as a goth house has now turned into one of the coolest Airbnbs in Illinois.

Now known as the Mysterious Black House in Lincoln, Illinois this Airbnb is covered in everything black, The outside is black, along with the walls, bathroom, kitchen, I mean even the garage is black.

It has a mysterious eerie feel to it. Maybe because it has an octagon shape to the home, but whatever it is you are for sure not going to see any sunshine in this house. I guess that could be a good thing if you just want to sleep all day. It's not an expensive Airbnb either the owners are only asking $187 a night.

LOOK INSIDE: Mysterious Black Airbnb

The 1,500-square-foot home was originally built in 1993 but completely renovated to its current design in 2021. It is located on an expansive 1/2-acre lot with a large yard. The throwback octagon design from the 1800s purposefully has no square rooms. Lincoln is known to have a spooky past and offers visitors of the town haunted tours several times throughout the year. Not sure I could come home to the Myerstious Black House after a haunted tour.

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