You never know when or where you might encounter paranormal activity.

One house in particular in New Bedford, Massachusettes was officially dubbed as "haunted" after a group of paranormal investigators surveyed the inside of the Blanchard residence. Jessica Blanchard and her family were exposed to one of the most profound experiences of their life after they called in Todd Sylvia and his crew from New Bedford-based Relatively Paranormal. The group also has a streaming web show "Wickedly Haunted" that airs on the New Bedford Guide Facebook page on Fridays, and they'll be discussing this case on October 22.

Sylvia's team is comprised of himself, his fiancée Marissa Weiner, and his best friend Brian Soto. They were once non-believers until they experienced paranormal activity firsthand. From that day forward, they swore to help anyone out there who also claim they've experienced strange behavior in their own homes to put their minds at ease. They were eventually called in to do a little paranormal digging after Blanchard reported weird noises in her home. That included loud banging on the walls, originally discovered by their three-year-old.

"We offer help to those who are experiencing phenomena within their homes and need validation that they really are seeing and hearing things," Sylvia said. "We set up right away after Jessica reached out to us and began the session with a mini Maglite (flashlight) to communicate with human and non-human spirits. This was just the warm-up for communication between the spirits and us."

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The paranormal investigation began with simple yes or no questions, including determining the age of the spirits and if anyone or thing was there with them. Devices were also used to detect electromagnetic energy fluctuations and potential spirit movement within the house.

"That house was the most activity we’ve ever seen," Sylvia said. "We made contact instantaneously, within seconds."

Sylvia also used a creation of his own. "We created a 'Power Plant,' which is essentially an energy pump with crystals that feeds energy to the spirits. We spent a lot of time working on this," he said.

Validation is the main focus of the Relatively Paranormal crew and within moments of being there, Sylvia could tell right off the bat that the banging was coming from spirit of the grandmother.

"She would bang on the wall," he said. "That's how she told us that she was present and a way of communicating with us."

The house has Blanchard's home for her entire life, and she wouldn't think of giving it up for anything, despite it apparently being haunted.

"I've been in and out of the house my whole life," Blanchard said. "I even witnessed a woman in a nightgown walk past me in the same room where my grandmother had passed, so I knew it was her. I jumped and thought it was my mom, and then realized that there was no one behind me."

Blanchard recalled being awoken by a little girl's voice, claiming she heard her say “wake up, Mommy." Voices are often heard over the baby monitor as well.

"I reached out to Todd and they came to my house on the 10th of October at one in the morning," Blanchard said. "Right away my grandmother came through, my aunt came through, and then we did the voice box and I heard my daughters voice."

Sadly, Blanchard lost her little girl, Emmy, to a miscarriage. She swears to this day that the voice that came through was that of her daughter.

“Emmy, are you messing with your brother?" Blanchard said she asked during the investigation. "Clear as day, she said 'yup.' It was a distinguishing sound as if a child four or five years old was talking. It was the most amazing experience of my life."

Listen for yourself:

Along with the happy reunion the Blanchards encountered, the investigators claimed there were also some negative spirits who made their way through with a single voice that creepily muttered “Help us all."

"The whole experience made me feel better that I’m not losing my mind," Blanchard said. "I feel more comfortable knowing that nothing bad has happened here, other than feeling tired and drained from the energy of the spirits. When I’m not home, I’m fine, but when I’m home, I’m exhausted."

The family plans on remaining in the house, now aware that spirits and other phenomena reside alongside them, too.

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