Nostradamus made his famous predictions in the mid-1500s. Here are several predictions from the French seer that may point to 2021.

Yearly Horoscope points to 7 quatrains they say are speaking to the new year. While we all hope for an improved outlook following a disastrous 2020, the predictions are grim, but aren't they always?

The predictions break down into two main themes: Natureal Phenomenon and Politics/ Humanity.

2021 Nostradamus Predictions Involving Earthquakes, Comets, and Famine

It's no great prediction to see an earthquake for California. This one is based on the "sloping park, great calamity" quatrain, 10-72. The question here is the year based on the astrology of "Mercury in Sagittarius, Saturn Fading."

Will we see a comet strike or near-miss and if so, will that lead to a great famine? That's another prediction. It appears to come from quatrain 2-46

After great trouble for humanity, a greater one is prepared
The Great Mover renews the ages:
Rain, blood, milk, famine, steel and plague,
Is the heavens fire seen, a long spark running.

This verse has, in the past, been credited to seeing the Trump presidency as well, using the "great mover" line.

2021 Predictions Involving Politics and Human Development

The Military will begin to receive microchip implants. This is from quatrain 9-95:

The newly made one will lead the army,
Almost cut off up to near the bank:
Help from the Milanais elite straining,
The Duke deprived of his eyes in Milan in an iron cage

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Believers point to the newly made one leading the army.

Other predictions are a continued rise in political power for Islam in the European Union and the resurgence of the Catholic Church under Pope Francis.

Check out Yearly Horoscope for more discussion on what may be ahead for 2021 and see all of the quatrains from Nostradamus.

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