According to one Wisconsin local, this is the legend all kids talked about growing up in the area. The road is Paradise Road and it is located in Jefferson, Wisconsin.

So what makes the road so haunted? It is located in the same town that the infamous Diane Borchardt case happened. Details of that case are graphic so I will opt out of giving you the gruesome details. If you are curious about the case, it is so famous that it was made into a movie and was covered on several true crime documentaries and shows.

Other things that make it so haunted don't stray too far from that of other haunted places. People report seeing dark shadows, the road is surrounded by a bunch of trees and it has a creepy, curvy shape to it. There are a ton of videos of locals going to the spot to check it out, one of which went there a decade ago and claims to have caught a ghost on camera:

Those brave enough to drive the road have also reported hearing weird voices and screaming while driving along it at night. There are also reports of the woods surrounding the road being used for witchcraft purposes back in the day and warped radio frequencies while driving on it. (Please note the video below does have some language that is not safe for work!)

Like I said, there are a ton of videos on YouTube about the road with very brave people going to document their adventures on the road. I will not be one of them, unless it is during the day. Ha! I might drive across this famously haunted Wisconsin bridge, though.

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