US Route 44 starts in Kerhonkson in Ulster County, New York and is a major highway in southern New England runs through Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

The website Antique Archaeology explains Route 44 leads to "Possibly the most frightening local legend in these parts." Apparently, a "phantom hitchhiker" is seen along Route 44 in Rehobeth, Massachusetts, just east of Providence.

According to the legend the phantom hitchhiker stands at 6 feet tall, with a beard and red hair with "dark, lifeless eyes." Locals say you should avoid picking up the hitchhiker as those who have in the past have had weird happenings take place afterward. They add this spine-chilling encounter:

"One woman talks about her encounter with the red-headed hitchhiker, remembering that when she stopped for him, as he reached for her door handle he suddenly evaporated, and then her car engine died. Frozen with fright, she could hear his maniacal laughter long after he had vanished from sight."

Side note, they say not to travel Route 44 in Massachusetts with anything less than a full car load. According to the legend, the maniacal hitchhiker is usually seen in your rearview mirror and in some cases, popping up in your backseat.

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