One of Idaho's most famous TV locations is haunted but according to it is not Idaho's Old Penitentiary like myself and many others would have thought. It also is not an old mining 'ghost town' that would have been my second guess. Nope, it is a high school.

Pocatello High School is the spot where "an episode of the A&E show “Ghostbusters” was filmed at this supposedly haunted Idaho high school. The building has a history of spooky occurrences, with the show capturing security footage of a shadowy figure moving into one of the school bathrooms."

In the comments under the video there are some interesting things from past and current students.

Mr Knowhere -  "I go to this school. Its really not creepy in the main building, but the auditorium video gives off some definite creepy vibes."

Audrie King - "If you want some first-hand stories of this place, check out one of the episodes of the podcast "Nightmarish" on SoundCloud! My brother and I went to this school, and he interviewed his friends' experiences, most of which occurred in that very auditorium (or below it or above it)."

Robert Remer - "FYI,,, just to let you knw that a little boy did drown in a swimming pool, its buried under the gym, ghost hunters should have looked into it and not just taken the old man's word for it, p.s. he lied, and yes that high school has spirits .
Thank you for your time"

Nathan Hargrove - "That's the school I go to my girlfriend was in the gymnasium one day with one of her friends and she felt something grab her leg and when she tried to leave it apparently felt like someone with a large hand grabbed together."

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