The largest lake in New Hampshire is now home of the largest bulb of grumpy garlic? Or does it look more like a perturbed onion?

Thanks to the Facebook Group post 'Nature In NH' for sharing this by way of 'The Moose, NH'.

A very quick poll of colleagues here in Dover has revealed an elementary answer as to which ground bulb this looks like. And that answer was, not a ground bulb at all, but a Jack O Lantern. Of course.

I can't help but think of the book cover art for the Harry Potter series. Couldn't you just picture Harry whisking off on his broom to this particular corner of Winter Harbor, in hopes that the irritated ice pumpkin tells him the location of the Silver Sliver of Slivivia?

If I had to bet, I'd think that this face will be a fleeting image and probably already looks vastly different than it did when this picture was taken.

Between constant temperature changes and the constant pressure that formed it, it will continue to contort into something else.

Luckily enough, I spent more than a few winters up at Province Lake and watching the odd patterns and bubbles change the landscape from weekend to weekend was a fun pastime.

Sort of like looking for different animal shapes and faces in the big clouds above, yet much much slower.

Besides, the half-foot of snow, followed by ice, followed by rain, followed by ice in tonight's forecast will definitely change the expression of this pumpkin. Just another cool aspect of living in this corner of the world!

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