A Swansea, Massachusetts woman was left speechless recently when she saw three bright lights in the sky, hovering in a triangle formation. Kerri Santos was able to capture a few photos of the strange orbs, but the question remains: what are they?

Santos was enjoying a typical night at home on Sharpslot Road when she looked up in the sky from her backyard and saw a strange formation of bright lights. She quickly grabbed her phone and snapped a few photos.

“Nobody believes you when you see strange things in the sky,” she said, so she wanted to make sure to document her experience.

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From airplanes to satellites to stars, it’s not uncommon to see bright lights in the sky, but it’s a little more suspicious when the bright lights aren’t moving.

“It was hovering in that (triangle) formation for a while, then it appeared to kind of break up and fade off,” Santos said.

At a loss for an explanation, Santos posted her photos to a local Facebook group, where she was met with several other comments of people having similar experiences.

One Facebook user reported seeing the same three lights on Locust Street. Another user claimed to see the hovering lights over Route 6 last week.

I’ll be honest, I have always been fascinated by the idea of alien life forms beaming down and visiting our planet, so I can’t help but gravitate toward the possibility of a UFO sighting.

Was it three different objects in formation, or perhaps one larger object? Triangle-shaped UFOs are not an uncommon occurrence. The Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, reported in its January newsletter that of the 593 worldwide reported UFO sightings in December 2021, 53 of those were triangle-shaped.

Is that what Kerri Santos witnessed, or is it something more earthly?

You be the judge.

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