Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is the gateway to the Smoky Mountains. There's so much to do there. Of course, you can enjoy the strip, and all the touristy fun things to do along it, but my personal favorite is to explore the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Did you know there's a ghost town hidden in the national park?

Last week my husband and I took a vacation to the Smoky Mountains, and we wanted to check out the ghost town we had heard a lot about. It's the town of Elkmont, and it was absolutely worth the venture into the national park. It's relatively easy to find just make sure to save the directions in your phone, as you won't have service in the park. This website has great detailed directions to get you to Elkmont, these are the directions we used, and they got us there with no problems. The walk through it is easy as well, you pull up and park close to the cabins, and can walk down a paved road to view them.  It makes this an easy adventure to go on that anyone can enjoy.

Check out some photos I took at Elkmont, as you can see some cabins are under renovations, but there's still a ghostly eerie feel to the place.

Check out This Ghost Town In Tennessee

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