TikTok has become such a versatile social media platform that it's getting hard to imagine a world without it. Now, as we count down the days until Halloween, the app has its very first original horror movie.

When it comes to spooky season, TikTok is great for getting Halloween costume ideas and checking out recommendations for the best horror films, shows and books. But now that it has its very own horror movie, the game has changed. The "film" will be released on the video platform over a 10-day span, and there's already 22 clips uploaded to the profile. The project was directed by Jason Yada alongside writer Nate Atkins.

We meet Emerson, the star of the movie, in the first TikTok, where she introduces herself and explains that she "created" the account to capture some of the weird things she's been experiencing. Throughout the rest of the clips, she's heard howling, cracked open a bloody egg, discovered cryptic writing on the window of a car and more.

“The main character, Emerson, posts videos for a period of 10 days, documenting something she at first perceives to be supernatural, only to discover it’s something even more sinister,” Zada told Rolling Stone. “It’s part of a larger storyworld that [we] developed for a feature film that is in pre-production, titled Janus.”

Janus is being produced by Steven Schneider, who's known for working on noteworthy horror and thrilled flicks such as Paranormal Activity, Insidious and Split. 

The TikTok project doesn't necessarily have a title of its own, but the first clips were only posted four days ago, so we have another six to go before we find out what's really going on by Emerson. The suspense may kill us. Check out the first couple of videos below, and head over to Emerson's account to watch the rest.

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