A popular new Netflix show has prompted a steady stream of visitors to this normally quiet neighborhood in northern New Jersey.

“The Watcher,” inspired by a real-life situation involving a family that owned the house at 657 Boulevard, debuted on the streaming service last week.

Before the limited thriller series starring Bobby Canavale and Naomi Watts debuted, the house at 657 Boulevard was already drawing some attention, as the trailer was out.

As of Wednesday, police caution tape was put up around the property’s perimeter.

Several Facebook posts mentioned that there were a number of cars lined up outside the house, as "People were coming from all over New Jersey to take photos."

The Broaddus family has moved on from the house on Boulevard — which sold at a loss in 2019 after a few letters from an unknown stalker unnerved them enough to never fully move in.

There is an entirely different family living at the residence, not connected to the mysterious situation that the Netflix series is loosely based on.


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