The Widow McCrea House is a New Jersey jewel.   It was built in 1878. Serving now as a bed and breakfast, the historic home would be a super cozy stay, paranormal reputation or not.

Here's how the B&B describes the amenities of their property:

private cottage, gardens and patio. spacious suites and three elegant guest rooms. Fine period antiques, fireplaces, Jacuzzis, queen-size featherbed and private baths throughout

One amenity that may not make the brochure, however, is this place comes with a very different kind of ghost. Not a scary presence but rather a welcomed, friendly feline that's lived there for over a hundred years.

Guests at the McCrea swear they have felt the cat's presence and even seen physical signs too. Reports of hearing something prowling through the rooms and hallways at night are common. In addition, guests have also said they’ve heard faint meows, felt an invisible cat jump on their lap, and have heard jumping up on dressers.

The owners say some rooms are active and others are not so you seem to have a choice if you want this extra perk. I personally think this is an excellent opportunity for the ghost novice to wet their feet. It’s compelling but not scary (as long as you don't rent the movie Pet Cemetery you’ll be just fine).  Here's a thought, why not bring some cat food in a dish and see if any of it is gone when you wake up?  I'm sure you can have some fun with your kids with this one.

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