Heirloom hunter Chelsey Brown has been dubbed the "real-life Nancy Drew" after making a jaw-dropping discovery. She unearthed a letter from the 1800s which reveals details of the attempted murder of a family of 12 on Christmas Day.

Brown, known for reuniting families with their descendants' heirlooms, revealed her latest and most amazing find in a viral video on Instagram.

The 28-year-old New Yorker says that she was gobsmacked after finding a letter that dates back to 1886, saying, "I cannot believe what I just read. I just read a letter that revealed an attempted murder from 1886."

"Of course, we are going to find the descendants of the attempted murderer, but before we do that, let me share a bit of this letter," Brown explains at the beginning of her clip.

Brown then reads the manuscript for her Instagram followers, previewing bits of the handwritten script:

[Name redacted] did on the 25th day of December 1886 threaten to kill my wife and that you, meaning the family, would suffer by her act in some way.

The said complainant is afraid and has good cause to fear that the said [name redacted] will do him or his family serious injury or will burn his house.

"Basically, a woman, for whatever reason, threatened and tried to kill a husband, his wife and his entire family," Brown says as she sums up the letter's sentiment.

"From some research that I did, this couple had 10 children," she continues. "I just messaged an owner of a public family tree on MyHeritage. Let's see if someone responds."

Brown says the letter is "an example of an heirloom that I would return to a family — because it was so long ago, and the descendants will probably find it interesting."

Watch her video below.

"Omg, I love a good murder mystery," one Instagram user commented under the video.

"Wow, you always find such intense stories!!" added another.

"All I hear in my head is the intro to inspector Gadget," a third wrote, adding, "On a serious note, this is going to be such a treasure to the descendants of this couple as many of us have had to do our own detective work around our family tree. What a gift."

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