On the Christmas I turned eight years old, my ten year old cousin got a Ouija board that was wrapped up under the tree. I thought the game looked boring. The colors on the box and on the game board where just not something that interested me. But, in one of my childhood memories, the Ouija Board was anything but boring. It scared me to death.

I would have rather played the game of Life, it was my favorite game. Weaving your game piece car through the roads on the board, through all the steps of your life, was so fun to me and always different. The one thing the game of Life didn’t cover was death. I guess that’s where the Ouija Board comes in. Well, the afterlife anyway.

The first time we got the board out of the box, my cousin dressed up like a fortune teller. We loved to play pretend. So, I played the unknowing, innocent customer wanting to get her fortune read through the Ouija board. We had fun with that for hours. I have to admit, I could feel my cousin moving the centerpiece around the board. It was still fun, until later that night.

Once it was dark, my cousin wanted to play seance. At eight years old, I had no ides what that word meant. She told me we were going to try and talk to ghosts. After I swallowed hard and looked toward the door to the kitchen where my aunt was sitting close by, I said, ok. We turned off all of the lights in the living room except her Lite-Brite which she had covered in red. plastic bulbs.

My cousin was very good at pretend and always played her part well. She was so convincing, I could barely breath as she started to speak in an accent while explaining what was about to happen. Since we really hadn’t had anyone in our families that had passed way that were close to us, she just asked if any ghosts wanted to talk. Just any ghosts. I thought that was a really bad idea. But, being the younger cousin, I went along with it.

Suddenly she said a ghost was there and we should ask it some questions. I was speechless, so she asked the questions. She would ask a question and the ghost would answer yes or no. After many of those kinds of questions, and feeling like she was moving the centerpiece again, I decided to ask the ghost something. So, I proceeded to ask the ghost to move something in the room to prove they were actually there with us.

What happened next? Well, a picture fell off of the wall and we ran out of the living room screaming. I think I might have even peed myself a little. My cousin blamed me for not asking the ghost a yes or no question. Either way, I knew we should never play around with that board again and we didn’t.

Even now, when I see a Ouija board, it gives me chills. Did the ghost really knock the picture off of the wall that night, so many years ago? Maybe not, but it was perfect timing. So perfect, that I remembered it all this time. It really scared me. Some things just are not meant to be messed with. That’s one of the reasons I feel like this giant sized Ouija board is a really bad idea.

If a small Ouija board can summon one or two spirits, what do you think one this size could summon? Remember it’s 2020, soooooooo maybe we shouldn’t test it out. Just sayin.

Let’s just stick to picture opps. :-)

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