There's something awfully strange about the utterly horror-movie like things some Alabamians report seeing of late like this creature caught on camera.

Things caught on a camera. A trail cam to be precise.

They have all been spotted in Alabama on trail cams and that is a little too close to home.

After more than 150 reports about strange, scary looking creatures causing trouble on various Alabama farms, trails and property, we got some information.

The Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division has provided a few photos with information on these recent sightings.

These warnings are important to be aware of across Alabama.

Reports have come in from multiple counties in Alabama, including Tuscaloosa, Lee, Talladega and more.

I have had a personal experience while playing with my grandson outside in the back yard.

My grandson (8 years old) and I were playing with a ball and it rolled towards the woods behind the house.

As my grandson ran towards the woods to get our ball, I screamed for him to stop immediately. I saw a pair of eyes and a set of teeth snarling back at us.

I grabbed a baseball bat laying on the ground and had my grandson get behind me.

We slowly backed away and thank God, the coyote (I believe) never moved a muscle.

Here is the photo caught on Alabama trail cams:

May be an image of deer
Photo: Alabama Wildlife Division/Facebook

This is what our friends at the Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division reported on this much talked about and scary looking animal.

Nothing worse than a coyote with severe mange and other disturbing issues.

Be aware, especially if you have small children and small animals.

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