You may have walked past the home of what was once was once the hottest movie theater in Tuscaloosa, Alabama without even knowing it. That's right, y'all-- there's a hidden history waiting for you at a local shopping center.

McFarland Plaza is home to Tuscaloosa's TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Ross--but did you know that the shopping center used to be an indoor mall? Meadowbrook Mall opened in 1977 and featured several smaller stores in addition to a Kroger (located in what's now the Pet Supplies Plus) and another larger store called Murphy's Mar (located in what's now Home Goods).

The mall saw a decline after the opening of University Mall in 1980, so Meadowbrook got a bit of a makeover. It was then named Bama Mall and was home to the Bama 6 Cinemas.

That's right--there was a movie theater IN the mall. Take a look at the photo below; I have circled the area that used to house the Bama 6.

Google Maps
Google Maps

You can still see the old entrance to Bama 6-- it's right by the Dollar General.

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Bama 6 saw its decline after the opening of Tuscaloosa's Hollywood 16 Cinemas. It eventually became a dollar theater before closing its doors forever.

You used to be able to peek into the hallway and see the old theater (check out this post from the wonderful Sky City for more), but the property managers have razed the building, removing all remnants of the Bama 6.

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