The Alinosi Ice Cream Shoppe in Detroit was once the cat's meow of all things cream, fizzle and sizzle. But times being what they are, the business got caught doin' The Jitterbug while the world was busy doin' The Charleston, and forced the owner to shake a leg and list the business up for sale. But it doesn't just end there daddy-o, this place even comes with an original soda pop fountain.

The shop, located at 12748 East Mcnichols Avenue Detroit, Michigan was built in the 1930s and comes with all the happening tools you need to make this 50's style ice cream shop be a swingin' place once again. All equipment included in the deal is a batch freezer, slicer, cooling tunnel, Hobart mixer, compressor, packaging inventory for both ice creams and candy, candy molds and more. Seller is willing to assist in transition and main employee and candy maker willing to stay.

Alinosi Ice Cream is available at some area shops like the Chocolate Bar in nearby Grosse Poine Woods. But as for the Detroit shop that's for sale, the Metro Times remarks with hope,

Alinosi is still a family-owned business in its third generation. Sorry, the old soda fountain on East McNichols, while still intact, is not open to the public. But maybe someday....


Let's take a look on the inside

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