I want to tell you about a Halloween guilty pleasure of mine because the ghost story I'm about to share with you reminded me of it. It's called Satan's School for Girls and it's a made-for-TV movie from 1973 co-starring future Charlie's Angels Kate Jackson and Cheryl Ladd.

It's incredibly campy except that it wasn't made for laughs. But it does still work on that camp level yet manages to throw in all the best old-school horror-movie trappings like loud thunderstorms with no rain, long dark hallways, mysterious deaths, and a teacher who might be Satan. I call it a guilty pleasure for a reason.


When I heard about Bethlehem Academy in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, I was immediately tossed back to my elementary school days watching that silly but effective old movie in the living room with my sister.

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But it seems there is NOTHING silly about Bethlehem Academy as these folks learned upon their own investigation:

I'm telling you, that video right there would fit nicely into any horror movie marathon you might have planned between now and October 31st. This one would too:


You see, I have a deal with ghosts. I made it after one tapped me on my shoulder in my grandfather's apartment soon after he died. (And it was probably him.) I don't ever want to hear or see them. That's the deal. I cannot honestly predict how I'd process that. ESPECIALLY a visual.

Now, does that little "agreement" mean I have no desire to visit Bethlehem Academy?

Absolutely not. Come on, some deals are made to be broken.

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