Just a tad northwest of Midland, Michigan below the Averill Preserve and south of the Tittabawassee River is the Riverview Natural Area. Within this thick forest region is E. Wheeler Road. Just before you hit the Carroll Creek Drain is 5 Mile Rd. Head north a few hundred feet and you'll be in the vicinity of one of Michigan's Haunted Legends.

The Rumor:

In the 1980s, a man went nuts and wiped out his family. He did in his wife with five whacks of a hammer (and left her in the attic), chained his teenage son in the basement until he starved to death, and sealed his other two children in the bathroom walls after he murdered them.

This morbid tale is said to be false, but the house it (supposedly) took place in has been the hub of paranormal occurrences.

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Paranormal Encounters That Visitors Have Had

Thrill-seekers who have visited this house claim to have seen a baby's skull in the bathroom wall, chains in the basement, and other factors that match the ugly tale.

Approaching the area on E. Wheeler Road near Meyer (or Meijer) Hill, some have seen headlights approaching and suddenly vanishing. No cars were seen having gone off the road. This incident happened four times in one night to two different investigators.

If you drive one mile down E. Wheeler and pass by 5 Mile Road, you'll come to a dead end. Park your vehicle and there's a footbridge going across the Carroll Creek Drain. This can be creepy at night. However, if you take a right down 5 Mile Road, you'll be in the area where this rumored 'haunted house' lies in wait, between the road and the Carroll Creek Drain.

When/if you visit, be respectful of residents and any private property. Don't ruin the fun for yourself, others or the neighbors.

Check out John Robinson’s "Haunted Michigan" series for more tales of reportedly haunted locations in the Great Lakes State.

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