Reports are coming in every night about glowing colorful lights over south Detroit (you know, the area that the Journey song talks about) that are sometimes orange, sometimes purple. Some report seeing the lights up to 40 miles away in Southeast Michigan. That is some powerful lighting.

Why do the mysterious lights appear in different colors at times? What could cause such illumination? Has global warming brought solar winds that are causing disturbances in the magnetosphere above Detroit giving the city its own version of northern lights?

Some claim the lights are a signal for long-distance traveling aliens.  The lights might signal a portable space base is available where aliens could refuel, grab a single slice of pizza and a Big Gulp, and then get back on the space road quickly.

Turns out there is no need to call Mulder and Scully because the truth is already out there. The source of highly illuminated lighting is simply a greenhouse for growers...and yes...THAT kind of growing.

The lights resemble two mushroom clouds high in the sky and the cause of the anomaly is none other than thousands of acres of greenhouses growing the cannabis, the weed, the pot, the Mary Jane, whatever you want to call it. Check out the report from Clickondetroit below:

Now could the strange lights from greenhouses growing the mara-ju-wanna come here? Growers might be able to have some lights glowing at a couple of smaller green hoses but it will never be enough to glow 40 miles away.

How do the south Detroit growers get away with it then? They don't, because just like in the Journey song, there is no south Detroit and therefore no greenhouses in south Detroit. The greenhouse is actually in Canada where they can get away with growing enough weed to get a fleet of Blue Whales stoned for 6 weeks.

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