In every corner of the world, there are legends of places that are haunted. Sometimes it's as obvious as a cemetery or house, other times the places and the legends that surround them are lying right under the surface.

In my research to find and share with you the most haunted places around, I came across the sad and chilling story of a Kentucky swimming hole with a very dark past located in the town of Hutch near the Cumberland Gap and Middlesboro. The place is Devil's Garden. I read as much as I could about the incident that gave the swimming its frightful name and this is how the storytellers say it happened.

Legend has it that one summer night, a small group of teenagers was partying and swimming in the local swimming hole. While enjoying themselves a little too much, one of the teens fatally slipped and hit his head on a rock. The other teens panicked and decided to hide the body to cover up the accident. Scared they would get in trouble for their party and their friend's death, they made the sinister choice to tie the dead body of their friend to a large rock and let the rock take the body underwater, never to be found.

The next day, the teens revisited the sight of the tragedy. Hoping it had all been a nightmare. On arrival, they discovered that the local authorities were there and were now investigating the crime scene. The authorities told the teens that their friend had drowned and someone had tried to cover it up. At that moment, they realized they had unknowingly murdered their friend. Then and there, they made a pact to never tell the truth about what really happened.  The teenagers carried their horrible secret into adulthood.

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According to the legend, each of the teens started mysteriously disappearing until only two remained alive. Those two, fearing they would fall to the same fate as their friends, confessed to the murder, and each of them was sentenced to ten years in prison.

After the fateful incident, the area became known as Devil's Garden.

Now, according to people who dare visit Devil's Garden swimming hole at night during a full moon, see a skull-like reflection on the surface of the water. A warning to stay away.

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