It seems a few times every year a new video pops up on YouTube claiming to have filmed a Bigfoot in Michigan. Take a look at this one from February 2018 and judge for yourself.

The video was published on Feburary 15 but no exact location was given (that's common in Bigfoot videos).

The video caused quite a bit of conversation on the Facebook page dedicated to the Coast to Coast AM radio show and the comments son the YouTube video:

Black bear you can see the snout and he’s touching the tree.


I think it real. I dont think the big foot knew it could be seen, i did hear one of them yell out as well as it was disappearing. The person filming sounded a bit stressed {by his breathing} and peed off when he lost it . WOW


Hoax! He was making way to much noise for it not to notice.


Entertaining but very fake.


Absolutely fake, you will never get that close, making that much noise, and not even be noticed by any wild creatures. They would have at least acknowledged persons presents. That supposed Bigfoot never even looked in the direction of very loud person filming while crashing through woods.


It looks authentic to me with the massive build and large head. Some Bigfoot's do tend to have a hearing problem as i have noticed over the years in other video's. This man was brave to be able to get a video that close.


Gorilla suit. Walks like a human.

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[Coast to Coast AM]

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