Bigfoot is a big topic of conversation year-round and while there has never been definitive evidence that the creature lives and breathes, there are some somewhat convincing encounters from people all over, including in Northern Minnesota and the Boundry Waters region around Ely.

In fact, late last year, video surfaced of a possible Bigfoot sighting in northern Wisconsin. A duck hunter in the Powell Marsh area shared video and photos of the alleged encounter. While you might roll your eyes at this encounter, he is a Senior Investment Manager who wanted to remain anonymous, which means he has nothing to gain from sharing details of his sighting.

Another Bigfoot video had skeptics rethinking their beliefs when it surfaced. The video comes from Michigan, courtesy of a trail camera. The hunter who caught the footage shared it with Animal Planet. They were so convinced, they left the next day to investigate. Hmmmm.

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Now, I have come across a Bigfoot sighting that I have never read about before. This sighting hits close to home as it was reported to have happened in Ely, Minnesota. Ely is about two hours from Duluth.

The sighting happened in fall of 2020 but I didn't come across it until recently. The sighting was shared with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, which dives into each and every sighting shared on their website.

According to this specific report, the sighting happened on November 9th of 2020 but was submitted by the person who saw it in December of the same year. Like I mentioned, it happened just about five miles west of Ely.

The sighting happened around 11 in the morning while the weather was clear, although it was raining earlier in the morning. The sighting happened westbound on Highway 169. If you are familiar with the area, it was just past the Twin Lakes Road sign.

So what did the creature look like? The reporting party said it was about six to six-feet five-inches tall and was walking on two legs like a human. It was so big that it was able to cross the entire road in just a few steps.

The person who reported the sighting was in the car with their family, who did not see the creature because everything happened so fast. It should be noted that the area the sighting happened at is very dense forest, which would be prime conditions for a Bigfoot sighting, no?

The person who ran the BFRO website at the time spoke to the woman who reported the sighting. He said she is credible and works as a home health care nurse in a nearby county. She was only in the area that day to visit relatives.

She cleared up a lot of questions one might have about the sighting. Could it be a human that was dressed in costume? Could it have been a hunter, as it was hunting season? She doesn't rule anything out but did stand firm in what she saw. She was so shook that when her husband urged her to turn around and try to spot it again, she wouldn't.

Just last year, I learned about another Bigfoot sighting, this time in Wisconsin. A local to the Milwaukee area was driving when he says he spotted the mystical creature on the side of a windy road. He was so sure of the sighting that his dad went back to the same area later to try to see it for himself.

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